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Alpaca Herd

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Eliza and Taylor Newest Crias ~ Elanah and Marduk - can we get some Herd heading home for food Oct 15 2011 Marduk (7) marduk & Exi face off Teo Jairo and Merc Awesome Pic Maverick with Leaf 2011-11-13 Troop 80189 Visit Wareham 80189 Alpaca Farm Banner 2011-11-27 Shirl & Rog Maint on Farm 2011-11-27 Crias meet The Boys 2011-11-27 Roger on Tractor digging post holes 2010_0710 ~ Elyza and Cortney 2011-12-17 Cort sitting on Elyza 2011-12-17 Cort Elyza and Tanya Additional Photos