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Alpaca Herd

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Past Events

November 13, 2008 ~ St. Luke's Hospital Craft Fair

November 29, 2008 ~ New Bedford Voke Craft Fair

July 18, 2009 ~ Barnstable Fair

September 26-27, 2009 ~ National Alpaca Farm Days

July 17, 2010 ~ Barnstable Fair

September 25-26, 2010 ~ Alpaca Farm Days

October 10, 2010 ~ Daisy Girl Scout Troop Visit

May 23, 2011 ~ Daisy Girl Scout Troop Visit

September 24-25, 2011 ~ Alpaca Farm Days



Up Coming Events

If you would like to visit our farm, either as an individual or with a group, please use the "Contact Us" form to submit your request. Our herd loves to show off for visitors.  In addition, we can walk you through how we get from shearing to final product including a demonstration of "spinning our wool into yarn."

November 13, 2011 ~ Wareham Girl Scout Brownie Troop #80189

Novemeber 19, 2011 ~ 6 year old Aidan, his mom Kate & dad, Jeff!

Sally & Jill Thank You

Thank you, Sally & Jill, for joining us on Alpaca Farm Days 2011!

Hi Shirley,

Sorry this e-mail took so long for me to send …


I would like to thank you for the wonderful visit that we had this past Saturday. My son, Aidan, had the best time (as did Mom and Dad)! Your sister, Diane, is a wonderful spokesperson for your business, was very informative and she burst with her obvious love and affection for your Alpaca Farm.


Aidan’s 1st grade class at Holy Family had a field trip to the Z today and I spread the word about your farm and the great work that you do. I made copies of your cards for some of the parents and will forward your website info to others.


I know that Aidan has convinced Diane to either make (or have you make) a hat and scarf out of the wool that he picked. He loved the hat that he bought (as did his classmates) and talks about the special one that is being made “just for him”.


Thank you so much again for the wonderful memories. We promised Diane that we would send some of the photos we took and I hope to do that this weekend. We look forward to receiving e-mails from Hill Crest about future events!



Novemeber 19, 2011 ~ 6 year old Aidan, his mom Kate & dad, Jeff!

It was such a pleasure to meet you and your family last week at Hill Crest Alpacas. The parents and the kids are still talking about the fun time they had meeting all of you and the alpacas.


I guess I was enthusiastic too because my boss, Kate, took her son there for a visit last Saturday after I told her all about it. :) I can now see why your life turned to alpacas. They are such lovely and cuddly animals.


The girls LOVE that their picture is on your website too.


Could you possibly send me the photo that is on your website with the words? I would love to include that picture with their year end scrapbook project.


Thanks for everything last week.


Take care,


Brownie Troop Leader

Wareham #80189